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Top Of The Lake Guiding - Glenorchy NZ
Top Of The Lake Guiding - deer hunt


The NZ Hunting Season and Top Of The Lake Guiding is open all year. Our Meat Hunts can be booked and are available all year round, excluding April, in which you will be hunting for Red Deer or Fallow Deer. The peak of our Trophy season is in Autumn which is from March until June. This time is known as The Roar or Rut and is best for hunting animals such as Red Stag, Fallow Buck, Chamois Buck and Bull Tahr.
Our Free Range Property allows us to hunt Red Deer, Fallow Deer and Chamois Buck. We also have the option for hunting Bull Tahr, Arapawa Ram, Wild goats and Pigs in other locations.
The trips that we offer can accommodate any fitness level. You do not need to have previous knowledge or experience with hunting as we will cater to your own personal abilities and goals.
We can access the hunting land via foot, vehicle or helicopter. For overnight trips we offer a range of accommodation options; from a Luxury Homestead, Farm Cottage, Backcountry Hut or Wilderness Camp. This allows us to give you a customised adventure and flexibility in price depending on what type of trip you wish to have with us.
Please see below the different packages we offer or you are welcome to get in touch with us for something more customised.
Learn more about the Hunting Experience packages we offer by clicking on the images below
TOTLG Free Range Trophy Hunt - Red Stag
TOTLG Free Range Trophy Hunt - Fallow Buck
TOTLG Free Range Trophy Hunt - Chamois Buck
TOTLG Free Range Trophy Hunt - Himilayan Bull Tahr
TOTLG Full Day Venison Meat Hunt
TOTLG Over Night Meat Hunt

When preparing for your Hunting trip these are some items that we recommend you bring:

  • Hiking or Hunting Boots with ankle support
  • Warm Clothing during any season
  • Wet Weather Clothing
  • Sleeping Bag for overnight hunts
  • Comfortable Backpack
  • Hiking Poles
  • Head Light & Batteries
  • Binoculars (recommend 10x42 or similar)
  • Camera
  • Medication
  • Rifle - We allow you the option of bringing your own Rifle but if you don’t have one then you will have the use of ours
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